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Naomi is the best!  She is quick, efficient, and a very focused worker.  More importantly, she is kind, non-judgmental, and gentle with those of us who need a helping hand.  She creates beauty where ever she goes and leaves a bright spot of happiness when she leaves.  I highly recommend Naomi’s services. She really does help your home to be the place you’ve always dreamed it could be.

~ Cindy Porter, Lake Oswego, Oregon

Naomi  brought both expertise and insight to my home organizing and my life.  She is fully engaged while working with me and provides a outline of homework to keep me going between visits.  Life functions more smoothly now- thank you Naomi!  ~ Julia, Portland, Oregon

Here's what I've learned about organizing:  there are people who were created with a mind programmed for organizing anything and everything. Naomi is one of those people! I am one of the "other" people that are naturally creative... and extraordinarily good at making messes! I like organized spaces, I really do. It's just that the process of organizing and maintaining it is about as pleasant as getting a root canal. The times she has helped me get spaces organized in the past, I had literally been attempting to get them cleaned up for days or weeks - but I got so bogged down in the little details of it all that I never really made much progress. I was absolutely amazed (and incredibly humbled) by how quickly and effortlessly she was able to get everything in order! She has such a gift.  ~ Wendy Malcomson, Owner of Creative Sister in Sherwood, Oregon

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