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Rustic Beach Path

Honoring each item in a person's living space - from the tiniest teaspoon

Teaspoon Home
Clearing spaces to give you joy.

What services are offered?

  • declutter, organize and design the flow of spaces

  • connect to any outdoor spaces available (balcony, yard)

  • set up systems to easily store/locate personal items

What is the benefit?

  • an organized home

  • a joyful, peaceful living space

  • utilize the outdoor spaces however small




Find what best meets your needs

services offered

Services start with the popular single 3-hour session, and range up to packages of twenty-four 3-hour sessions.  Monthly two-hour maintenance sessions are also an option.

Coffee and Magazines

Single 3-hour session

Perfect for a single-focus area or to give as a gift certificate.


Package:  four 3-hour sessions

Ideal for tackling a specific project within the home.

Men in a Meeting

Package:  eight 3-hour sessions

Perfect for doing a room-by-room organization or a more involved project.

Flexibility is Key

Sessions are scheduled taking the client's needs into perspective.

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Teaspoon Home in the Portland Metro Area


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